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Product Development, Sourcing & Manufacturing

Product Development, Sourcing & Manufacturing

Turning Ideas into Commercial Reality

Do you have an idea or a product you want to bring to market? You’ve already completed the first major step, but there’s a lot more work until you have a product that’s ready to ship. That’s where we can help! Whether a simple commodity or complicated assembly, whether you need a few dozen or hundreds of thousands, leverage our global expertise and experience.

More than just sending a design out for fabrication, our team can work with you to improve the design for manufacturability (DFM), identify quality standards & requirements, and identify the best manufacturing partner.

We understand the unique requirements and challenges of small businesses and are well-positioned to work with any company, whether this is your first commercial endeavor or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to improve your supply chain.

Did you know that unit price is not the only factor in reducing manufacturing costs? Many others can have a surprisingly large impact!